Loki Season 2 Alternate Storyline Provides Support To A Popular Fan Theory

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is continuously being updated and expanded. Since the beginning, spectators have been kept captivated by the unexpected twists and turns in the story as well as the intricate character development. Many viewers of the Marvel series Loki were on the edge of their seats when the identity of He Who Remains was finally revealed. This was one example of a narrative twist. What would have transpired if the conditions had been different?

The viewers were introduced to the mysterious persona He Who Remains in the first season of the show Loki. Not only did he play an important role in the overall structure of the drama, but when it was revealed that he was a version of the iconic Kang the Conqueror, viewers were filled with suspense and wonder about what would happen next. Jonathan Majors, who portrayed He Who Remains and later appeared as Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, is scheduled to make a return appearance in the forthcoming second season of the series as a new Kang version named Victor Timely. Majors also provided his voice for He Who Remains. However, here's a shocking revelation: the plot nearly took an unexpected turn that would have proven correct a widely held fan belief!

In an open and honest interview with Den of Geek, the show's producer, Kevin Wright, lifted the veil on a possible new path for the story's plot. The writers briefly considered making He Who Remains a version of Loki before abandoning the concept. Wright further explained, "In the writers’ room, all ideas are on the table, and there were conversations about what if Loki was He Who Remains." An earlier fan theory proposing that Kang was a Loki variation would have been strengthened by the consideration of this hypothesis. Despite the fact that it seemed promising at first, this plot didn't end up going very far. Wright continued by explaining that they thought "We just thought [He Who Remains] would be a great title for the last man standing in the multiversal war." Because "it makes the universe feel small," which is a sensation that would have made the enormous world of the MCU appear a little bit restrictive, the decision was made not to pursue this approach for a very simple reason.

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