The Tweet Calling Homelander An Anti-Hero Has The Boys Fans Enraged

The character Homelander from "The Boys" is the latest in a long line of fictional figures from the world of entertainment to blur the lines between good and evil. The recent spread of a post on X and Twitter that referred to Homelander as a "anti-hero" sparked quite a commotion among viewers of the Prime Video series Homelander. This pompous Supe, performed by Anthony Starr, is at the core of the debate, and it hinges on whether or not he is an anti-hero or an outright villain. At the beginning of the series, Homelander, the public face of the Vought International–sponsored team The Seven, is a model of heroic perfection. However, this egotistical and self-centered figure is hiding behind the curtain, and as the series progresses, it will become increasingly clear how nasty this individual is. This dual nature is what keeps people interested, but where exactly does he fall on the scale between hero and villain?

The viral tweet that caused the controversy was sent by @vinhlegacy, and it featured photos of characters who were considered to be anti-heroes. Chris McLean from the Total Drama series, Miguel O'Hara from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Deadpool, and Homelander were all part of this cast. The Boys' most devoted supporters voiced substantial opposition when they learned that Homelander had been included on such a list.

An ardent user by the name of @superboysbestie fiercely proclaimed their opinion that the character was "a villain with no redemptive qualities." Another participant, @JorbyPLs, joined in by saying, "There is literally nothing that makes Homelander an anti-hero."

The criticisms continued beyond that point. @blackncomictwit brought attention to the more negative sides of Homelander by calling him a "racist," "fascist," and bringing up examples of his sexual misconduct. In order to give a new dimension to the discussion, Twitter user @DynamoSuperX referred to Deadpool as the only genuine anti-hero on the list. He also criticized Chris McLean and compared Homelander to a "superman version of the antichrist."

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