Walking Dead Showrunner Daryl Dixon Offers Clues On What Will Happen To Carol In Season 2

The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon has defied the odds and managed to keep viewers interested in the show. David Zabel, the creative mastermind behind the spinoff, has recently dropped the beans about what's in store for Daryl and Carol in the highly anticipated second season of the show. Because the entertainment business is always changing, it is unusual for spinoffs to be able to seize the spotlight with the same degree of success as their parent properties.

Following the conclusion of the first season, viewers were treated to a surprise when they learned that Melissa McBride, who plays the legendary character Carol, will be a recurring presence in the subsequent season. This was a development that they had not anticipated. The second season, which has been appropriately titled "The Book of Carol," promises to feature even more riveting plots and character developments. The cryptic sixth episode of "The Walking Dead," titled "Coming Home," held viewers in suspense since it depicted Daryl on the verge of a long-awaited homecoming but then abruptly diverted his attention to Lauren, who appeared out of nowhere. During the same time period, Carol's plot finds her in the lovely surroundings of Maine, where she is feverishly trying to piece together the breadcrumbs that might lead her to Daryl.

During his in-depth conversation with Entertainment Weekly, David Zabel revealed some interesting details regarding the developing stories of our favorite characters and expressed his thoughts on the subject. The outstanding Norman Reedus will take on the role of Daryl, who will find himself in unknown seas as he struggles with a difficult moral fork in the road. Zabel drops hints like, "It's a confusing circumstance. The faces of Judith, Carol, and Connie have never been far from Daryl's thoughts, and his heart has always ached for them. Despite this, he surprisingly discovers comfort and a sense of belonging with his newly acquired family at 'The Nest' in France as he is on his mission to bring them back together.

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