Israel Claims Responsibility for Strike on Car Resulting in Death of 'Significant' Hamas Member

Hadi Ali Mustafa, a "significant" Hamas member, was reportedly killed by Israeli military strikes in southern Lebanon, according to a statement released by the Israeli military on Wednesday (March 13). 

It was stated that Mustafa was an operative of Hamas who was responsible for strikes on Jewish and Israeli targets located all over the world including Israel. 

Mustafa was ambushed outside of the city of Tyre, which is located in southern Lebanon. 

The report was also corroborated by Hamas representatives, who stated that an Israeli drone attack on a car near the city in Lebanon resulted in the death of a Hamas member who was from the Rashidieh Palestinian camp, which is located nearby. 

It was reported by Al Aqsa television that Mustafa was a leader of the military wing of the Hamas organization. 

After stating earlier that the two people who had been murdered had been in Mustafa's car, two security sources now stated that a Syrian man who was passing by on his motorcycle was also killed in the hit. 

The news agency was informed by all three individuals that the drone, which they identified as being Israeli, had been hovering in the air above the location of the strike for a number of minutes before to the strike. 

Since the conflict between Hamas and Israel began in October, Hezbollah, which is a Lebanese ally of Hamas, has engaged in a near-daily exchange of fire with Israel. There have also been allegations of attacks across the border made by Palestinian organizations in Lebanon. 

There were three Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.

In two different incidents that took place on Wednesday in the occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers were responsible for the deaths of three Palestinians. It has been reported that during a span of just a few hours, a total of six Palestinians were slain within the area of the Palestinians. 

Yousef Nimer, who was present during a midnight raid on the city of Jenin in the West Bank, claimed that Israeli soldiers opened fire on individuals he was sitting with outside of a hospital as they were finishing their Suhur meal. Suhur is the final meal consumed before daybreak during the month of Ramadan, which is a period of fasting for Muslims. 

"Look, there is something approaching us," I told them. "It is coming towards us." Nimer, who was 16 years old at the time, was quoted by Reuters as saying, "We ran away, and then a sniper started shooting at us." He was hurt and pointed to a hole in one of the walls of the hospital, which he claimed had been caused by a bullet. He continued to point to the hole. 

"Some of them crawled, while others rushed away. He went on to say that those who crawled away were the ones who were rescued, while others who sprinted away were hurt.

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