South Korean Citizen Detained in Russia Over Espionage Charges

It has been confirmed by the authorities of South Korea that Baek Won-soon was taken into custody in Vladivostok earlier this year. At this time, diplomatic negotiations are taking place to secure his release. As a result of this arrest, a South Korean citizen has been jailed in Russia on suspicion of spying for the Russian government.

The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that the investigation is still underway and has refrained from providing extensive commentary on the matter. As a result, many details concerning Baek's case have not been published. On the other hand, the Russian state agency Tass cites an official who does not wish to be identified as saying that Baek is accused of passing information that is considered to be state secrets to intelligence services from other countries.

An individual who claimed to be familiar with Baek and who was located in the far eastern region of Russia informed the BBC that Baek had been providing assistance to North Korean laborers in Russia, so facilitating their escape. According to reports carried out by South Korean media outlets, the Russian authorities did not publicly alert Seoul of the detention until the previous month.

Baek, who was characterized as a religious worker, was reportedly detained by Russia's Federal Security Service following his arrival from China in January. He was accompanied by his wife, who was also imprisoned at the time of his arrest. His wife was eventually released and is believed to have returned to South Korea.

The detention of Baek is consistent with a string of arrests of foreign nationals that have been carried out by Russian authorities since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. Moscow has been accused of using these arrests as a political leverage move and for the purpose of possible prisoner exchanges, according to critics. It is important to note that Baek is being kept in the same prison as Evan Gershkovich, an American journalist, and that his imprisonment has been extended until June.

At the same time that South Korea, in agreement with Western friends, criticizes Russia's invasion of Ukraine and imposes sanctions, Russia and North Korea have reinforced their relationship. As a result of high-profile meetings that took place between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un in the previous year, there have been rumors that military technology deals are being discussed. Additionally, Vladivostok played host to a number of meetings between officials from Russia and North Korea in the previous year.

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